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This prompted his very first gay-press interview in which he shocked his fans and the world that he saw nothing wrong with such sex affiliation.

Well, Zac seemed pretty blind-sighted as to why his vocals weren't used. As you can imagine, it was a but tough for Zac to be the main star of a hit musical movie and not even have his own voice on the tracks, although he always made sure he praised Drew since Drew slayed it.

The curious thing that made many skeptics believe that Zac could actually be gay is his response that he would have absolutely no problem wearing shirt T-shirt.

In April 2015, the rumors resurfaced when a video revealed a curious relationship between Dave Franco (best known for Scrubs) and Zac Efron.

His real acting career began in 2002 when he was just 15 years of age.

At the time he only played guest roles and I believe his great performance is what earned his greater roles in subsequent years.

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