Updating to psp version 3 30

This patch adds the following features to the existing VPBE driver: 1. Support for Sharp LQ64D343 LCD on RGB666 Digital Interface 3. This patch also has the fix for switching to UDMA4 mode dynamically..

This patch removes the toolchain dependency issues and also fixes some generic USB problems.

You can now install custom plugins on PSP and use it as you like.Step 4: If you are using USB connection, un-mount the memory stick or if you are using the memory card reader, transfer the memory stick to PSP and restart the device. Step 6: Your PSP will restart and launch CFW installation.Simply press X button and follow the on-screen instructions your PSP to install the LCFW.Patches up to patch level 37 are already present in LSP 1.20.Have also mentioned the corresponding patch numbers. Latest PSP patches are available in the Update Advisor under Platform Support Package in the Davinci Monta Vista Linux based Platform package section.

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