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"Talented woman," says Pierre Courdurié, but talent as an expert.The epitome of fruit and terroir, a total quest at all times.Jewels in their prestigious setting, the Saint-Emilion Château Croix de Labrie beverages are an exception, those who marvel he palate and let an indelible impression.Axelle & Pierre Courdurié, winemakers and owners, have the passion and talent of those who, with infinite accuracy, express their wines by the depth and richness of the soils.n the early 90s, was born the term "garagist wine", which refers to the precision with humor and great wines of Saint-Émilion products in small quantities "in a garage instead of a chai" ...A longtime wines connoisseur from France and the World, Pierre Courdurié likes to say of his domain he is led in the manner of small areas of Burgundy. Varietal 100% merlot, and better 4000 bottles per year.La Chapelle de Labrie (3000 bottles per year) from plots of Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens.We pay particular attention to the vine in order to express the maximum of the terroir.

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Once the alcoholic fermentation is complete, malolactic fermentation is made in new barrels of French oak, medium toast Hauts de Croix de Labrie are from young vines from several plots in Saint-Émilion terroirs.With 85% Merlot imparts rowdiness, elegance, plum, while the 15% Cabernet Franc brings white spices, cassis and a superb freshness.and that's rare and beautiful microcuvées impressive and truly magnificent result. wonderful Saint-Émilion highly sought after, the area offers direct sales from the Chateau and in your best wine stores.hâteau Croix de Labrie (100 % Merlot) produces about 200 to 400 cs, Chapelle de Labrie around 500 cs and Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie around 800 cs depending on the vintage.

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