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Therefore they all work tirelessly to try and make sure that as few fraudsters as possible slip through the net.

When a member begins chatting to someone on the site, there are 3 things that I would advise them to look out for: If a member can answer yes to all 3 of these questions, then they should stop all communication immediately and report them to our Moderation Team for further investigation.

The woman, who declined to give her last name out of fear of attracting publicity, said in an interview that someone had hacked into her account on an Internet dating site and had been communicating with Mr Dolego on her behalf, charging him for those e-mails.

After finding no support for his project in various Ukrainian cities and being evicted from a room he was renting, he said he boarded a train to Chernivtsi, hoping finally to meet his Yulia and settle down.

If a member comes across someone that they believe to be in-genuine or someone that gives them cause for concern, they can use the ‘Report This Profile’ link, which can be found at the top and bottom of every member's profile as well as the top and bottom of any conversation with the member.

If you have any questions or concerns about any members on the site, please remember to use the Report This Profile button.

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Let's give you an insight into what we're doing to keep you safe online.Fortunately, people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers and are becoming more knowledgeable on what to look out for.The Moderation Team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help protect our members.Having as much information as possible can help prevent you or even someone you know, from becoming a victim.Here are our top tips on what to look out for: When it comes to online dating, use your common sense and always trust your gut instinct.

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