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Learn how to apply what God says about love to the everyday decisions you make with your spouse. An irrational fear of getting a life-threatening disease. Most likely you were abused by someone who should have been trustworthy—a family member, a teacher, a neighbor, a coach, a pastor, a friend. These two truths must be kneaded into who you are until they work through every part of you.24 pages Publisher: New Growth Press Publication Year: 2008 Repeated thoughts about contamination. The working of these truths into the deepest part of you takes time.No one else has had your experiences that led you to counseling.Our goal is to hear what you are saying in a setting free of guilt and judgment. Experienced counselor Jayne Clark unpacks the issues that can lead to a broken relationship and then guides readers to a deeper trust in Christ–the one who died so that our relationship with God could be restored. We all have experienced how hard relationships can be in this broken world.

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Plan B is the unnatural path, but the one we must accept to reduce grief symptoms.

(MENTOR, 2009; Cavell, Du Bois, Karcher, Keller, & Rhodes) We have gifted, licensed clinicians ready to help you deal with stressful changes at home or work.

Our goal is to help you own your past decisions and move forward making wise, thought-out choices.

Cindy Parks, LPC has additional training to help those with driver license restoration.

Learn More About Our Services MENTORING Mentoring can help youth as well as adolescents and adults through challenging life transitions.

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