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After Eton and a ‘crammer’ in Sussex, he joined his cavalry regiment and set off for the Boer War.

He made an instant impression and was recommended for the Victoria Cross after being ambushed by a vastly superior force of Boers whom he kept at bay for hours.

Nor would there be a grand centenary on this epic scale.

For example, there would not be next month’s National Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral attended by the Princess Royal, patron of the Antarctic Heritage Trust, and thousands of devotees of ‘Scott of the Antarctic’.

The team set out from Cardiff in the summer of 1910 on an old whaling ship called the Terra Nova.

Being cheap, quick, and mess-free makes it a no-brainer.

When our sporting teams fall short, we simply shrug and ask each other: ‘What did you expect?

’ When we produce a 24-carat loser like ski jumper Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards, we positively rejoice in his ineptitude.

It offers theatrics aplenty and if you can nail performance you’ll get that sought after crema-topped shot.

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