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Tjeu van den Berk sluit zich bij Drewermann aan en staat in dit boek stil bij de oeroude archetypische beelden die volgens hem aan de overeenkomsten tussen de Egyptische religie en het christendom ten grondslag liggen.The social and intellectual vitality of Judaism and Christianity in antiquity was in large part a function of their ability to articulate a viably transcendent hope for the human condition.This book presents an introduction to the daily life of the Celts living in Britain, Ireland and Europe during the Iron Age and into the Roman period.This book reveals that the Celts were not merely a collection of barbaric tribes but that their civilization compared favourably with those of other ancient civilizations.

These collected essays highlight the multiple hermeneutical perspectives on biblical Paradise from Second Temple Judaism and Christian origins to the systematic expositions of Augustine and rabbinic literature.The detail includes political and social groups, domestic and family life, social hierarchies, housing, food, clothing, religion, superstition, mythology and legend, poetry, warfare and warriors, crime and punishment, bog burials and the interaction of this society with Greek and Roman civilization.It includes extracts from Celtic literature and classical literature relating to the Celts.In this study, Markus Bockmuehl approaches such questions by examining the halakhic (Jewish legal) rationale behind the ethics of Jesus, Paul and the early Christians.He offers answers based on careful biblical and historical study.

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