London dating vacation

London had a tough childhood because her father was always away on business and constantly marrying different women (such as Brandi Tipton). When she was a little child, her father did not attend any of London's plays in her childhood years because he was supposedly very busy.

She once mentioned in Marriage 101 that her father has married 12 times. London told Maddie in Lip Synchin' in the Rain that her father did not bother attending any of her school performances (such as Itsy Bitsy Spider).

London enrolled at Maddie's Catholic school, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow after her father tried to attend Parents Night at London's old school and they had never heard of her.

Later on, London was expelled because she did not attend her classes.

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She does absolutely everything to get out of chores, classes, and her various jobs.

She helps her friends save the twins and stop the merge from happening. She is selfish most of the time, but often chooses to be more heartwarming and kind, particularly to her closer friends.

Growing up with money running in her family and being spoiled rotten, London can be very greedy, even to the point where she can receive thousands of dollars or bars of gold for her allowance.

However, when she worked with Woody and Zack on a class project, she stated that she enjoys being self-sufficient.

As a stereotype of a rich heiress, London, most of the time, is as sharp as a spoon, though her exact intelligence seems to vary between episodes.

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