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Inspired by the plight of a friend who'd dumped her girlfriend and was depressed at the notion of finding a new partner in a club, Robyn came to the conclusion dating sites in their current form were "pretty shit for women".“Dating is a very male-led space, and tech is a very male-led space.But there are these idiots who persist in doing it. _____________________________________________________ Emily: Hi this is Emily calling from Dattch to continue your registration. Voice 2: She’s my sister, she just went to the toilet. I’m actually calling to deal with Amanda’s account right now, maybe I can speak with you about joining afterwards? Emily: So you wanted to sign up for Dattch through your sister? If you want to join, you would need to apply yourself.After Emily rang one man, he rang back and asked if she wanted to go on a date. " There is however a blurred line when it comes to transgender users, acknowledges Robyn. Emily: OK well, I’ll call back when she’s available then. So can you please confirm for us if you identify as male or female?“Whenever I call someone who’s emailed through their number, they always tell me ‘I’m really glad you do this, it makes me feel a lot more safe online’", says Emily.

Users are required to verify their identity through either sharing their Facebook profile, email address, or agreeing to speak over the phone.Another mainstay of the conventional dating app, the user name, has also been done away with.“To us, having a user name on a dating site makes no sense," says Robyn.But what about using the internet to try and get close to a section of society who aren't romantically or sexually interested in not just you, but your entire gender, is a decidedly strange one.Yet this is something Robyn Exton and Emily Moulder deal with every day.

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