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Putri discovers that Marwan was her biological father who tried to abduct her from Datin Aina.

Meanwhile, Sarah, Ling and Zie ended up behind bars after being caught in an anti-vice operation while recording at a brothel for an academic assignment.

Ayu plots to get her hands on Reza through a class assignment, with the wish to have him fall for her albeit knowing Reza being with Putri.

Soon, Reza found himself spending less time with Putri, perhaps due to the workload in their hands.

Zie reunited with her childhood friend, Ikan, after years without seeing each other.

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As a result, J blamed Sarah for what she caused her team to be disqualified.

Haikal shares his tormented childhood in his blog without realising that he was hooked on with Shasha who kept leaving him with messages of encouragement.

At the same time Haikal fell into a bet with his friends who dared each him to take pictures of Shasha naked.

The first season of the series was also aired in Singapore on Suria from 26 December 2006 till 20 March 2007.

Apart from their passion toward futsal, Putri and Reza make a lovely dating couple albeit their different background.

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