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Commentators on the current conflicts in Ukraine tend to refer to the problems affecting the country in terms of its linguistic divide between the Russian-speaking east and the Ukrainian-speaking west.In real life the situation is much more complex and varies from region to region.Les cotes du match FC Dniepr Dniepropetrovsk - FC Dynamo Kiev sont aussi disponibles selon le contexte.The player started footballing at Tractor football school in Minsk where his father Igor was his first coach.

From here, we have a vantage point to watch both sides.

Over the post-Soviet period, most clubs have been acquired by private sponsors, usually local oligarchs or lesser businessmen, and the success or otherwise of each club reflects their respective wealth.

Thus Shaktar Donetsk belongs to Rinat Akhmetov, the wealthiest of the Ukrainian oligarchs, Dynamo Kiev to Gregory Surkis, and so on.

Running a team at this level costs around £1 million to £1.5 million per year, and income is next to nothing.

Promotion to the Premier League brings in £100,000 to £200,000 of television rights but significantly greater costs, so running a Ukrainian football club is immensely loss-making at this level.

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