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Several months after the idea occurred to him, Brett telephoned Lisa, who was taking courses at the Scientology center in Clearwater, Florida.He said, “Lisa, if you’re really serious about your career, why don’t I put you in touch with Michael Jackson? I think you should meet him and play your music and sing for him, and I think he could really encourage and inspire you on a direction you could take.” Brett told her that Michael had his own company, Nation Records, sponsored by Sony, and that he could “really launch her big time.” Lisa was intrigued. ’ and I said, ‘She can.’ And then I asked, ‘Have you ever met Lisa?Any other business person would be claiming something, but since I am an artist, I told them, ‘If you do record something, give me a job at art direction instead of hiring somebody else.’ So we didn’t think anything else or more about that other than that it was going to happen.” What did I think of his marriage to Lisa Marie?

Lisa celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday with a huge party, planned by Priscilla, at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

“I wasn’t trying to bring two people together to get married.

I look back on it now as a sign that [she was thinking], Wow! And she secretly wanted a relationship with him, because I always talked about him as a passionate man [who was] extremely loving…and that attracted Lisa, that loving part, and loving children.” Lisa never knew that Brett wrote the birthday card and signed her book.

“Michael…was blown away by her music,” according to Brett. There was no romantic hint of anything at the time. ZAHN: Five years into Lisa’s marriage to Danny Keogh, the relationship was buckling. I didn’t really want to know him any better than I already did.” At this time, Lisa had recorded four songs produced by her husband.

“She played the tape and was really excited that Michael Jackson was here, and at that point, she looked like a fan of his. It was during this time that a fledgling friendship with Michael Jackson began to evolve. She felt she had a lot to say about her unusual life as daughter of an icon, and she was looking for a way to say it through her lyrics and music.

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