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And of course it is solely at each guest’s discretion if they wish to exchange personal details.Upcoming Dine Two Date events: 17th November, 30th November and 8th December 2017 For a limited time only, we’re offering our Dine Two Date service for only €75. To join us for dinner & drinks, some great company, and an evening to remember, please complete the form below.We aren’t antique dealers; we do antique chair restoration – we specialize in Antique chair restoration.Up until our recent retirement we were restorers and conservators specializing in antique chair restoration.Nigel is a member of the Institute of Conservator Restorers in Ireland, he also works on clocks , especially longcase (grandfather) clocks. is the secretary of the Irish Horological Craft Forum ie If you’ve arranged to visit us for a workshop weekend you can get directions by clicking here We don’t repair modern furniture and we don’t re-upholster modern couches and chairs.Apart from antique clock repair Karo also works on clock cases , especially the cases of longcase (grandfather) clocks: Nigel and Karo have written a book about making and repairing clock cases to be published by Crowood Press in mid 2015.We are both professional status committee members of the Irish Horological Craft Forum Clocks need regular servicing to keep them in good working order and prolong life: If your clock is due for its regular overhaul and lubrication contact us and we can talk over what’s involved.

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We prefer to specialise in rare and valuable horological heritage items where the precise rules and protocols of restoration and conservation apply.Dine Two Date strives to create a structured yet relaxed environment for all our guests.We excel at bringing together people of similar character, values, interests and intellect, to first of all have fun but also perhaps even find love.We think that all restoration including antique chair restoration should be appropriate to the particular piece.Sometimes the conservation approach is a consideration, especially for rare and valuable items.

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